What Causes Grout to Crack?

Cracked grout can occur for a variety of reasons. While these causes are usually minor, grout issues should always be analyzed and addressed by a tile installation professional as soon as you notice them. This is because damaged grout can put your property at risk. But what causes cracked grout? Today’s Home Services talks about the top culprits below.

Improper Installation

When properly installed, grout protects the underlying surface from water while allowing tiles to move slightly due to temperature changes. In many instances, grout cracks because the installer used too much water or polymer additive when mixing. The high moisture content causes “pin-holing,” which weakens the structure of the grout. Eventually, the grout crumbles as the tiles expand and retract. 

Grout issues can also occur due to poor choice of thinset, or poor thinset coverage. To prevent grout cracking issues, it’s important to hire a professional to ensure that the job gets done right from start to finish.

Understanding Your Options for Treating Cracked Grout

So your grout cracked. What now? If the damage is confined to a small section of tile, spot-specific grout repair may be possible. This process requires removal of the old grout followed by installation of new grout, which is color-matched to the original.


If the grout has extensive cracks, but the tiles are properly spaced and undamaged, professional grout replacement might be the cost-effective option. Removing and replacing the grout requires a cautious approach, but the new grout will prevent water damage while improving your home’s aesthetics. The new grout will be properly selected for the materials, which limits the risk of cracking over time.


Regular tile cleaning can also help ensure a long lifespan for both grout and tile work. Of course, cleaning tiles isn’t easy, particularly if the tiles or grout have become discolored due to moisture penetration or other issues. Luckily, Today’s Home Services specializes in professional grout cleaning in Sarasota, FL and the surrounding areas. 

Whether you need to replace tile, repair grout, or restore your surfaces to like-new condition, our experts can help you get excellent results. To schedule a consultation or learn more about our services, call us or fill out our online form.