Bathroom Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

You can start your home remodel with a bathroom remodel. The project can be exciting, but you also need experts like Today’s Home Services. The process of bathroom remodeling in Bradenton, FL, involves forethought and practicality. It’s a great way to add value to your home or make your bathroom functional. Here are some common bathroom remodeling mistakes and ways to avoid them.

Ignoring Ventilation

Most homeowners overlook the importance of a fan during a bathroom remodel. Exhaust fans in your bathroom are as vital as other features like right flooring, good fixtures, or lighting. Since bathrooms are wet places, they need proper ventilation to prevent the buildup of humidity that can ultimately damage the space. In addition, bathrooms do not typically have large windows, so an exhaust fan is crucial. Therefore, consider improving the ventilation for your next residential bathroom remodeling.

Lacking a Clear Plan

Planning is crucial during a bathroom remodel. Do not make the mistake of discovering your specific needs after ripping out the toilet. It’s important to consult your bathroom remodeler and explain your needs and draft a plan that considers your personal preferences, needs, anticipated cost, and precise measurements.

Improper Spacing

If your bathroom remodeling project focuses more on looks rather than functionality, then you are making a grave mistake. Think of the bathroom layout and spacing. Take into account the placement of furnishings and fixtures to make your bathroom functional and comfortable. Professional bathroom remodeling services can help you avoid this common mistake by designing a proper layout and sufficient spacing between the toilet flange and wall.

Rushing the Process

Bathroom remodeling takes time to complete. Therefore, avoid making the mistake of rushing the process if you want to achieve your remodeling goals. While the process can be inconvenient with workers coming in and out of your home, give your bathroom remodeling company enough time to complete electrical and flooring work.

Bathroom remodels do not have to be as stressful as you might think. You can avoid common mistakes for a successful project. It is best to entrust the project to the top bathroom remodeling company, Today’s Home Services. Call us or fill out the online form today.