Myths on Water Purification

If you’re considering a water treatment system for your home, it’s important to have all the facts so that you can make an informed decision. We here at Today’s Home Services are pleased to provide information regarding some of the most common myths surrounding residential water purification systems in Sarasota, FL and everywhere else.

Maintaining a Water Purifier is a Hassle

While water filtration systems do require some regular maintenance, the time and general upkeep efforts needed to keep a system in good working order will vary based upon its size, type, and brand. For most systems, maintenance is as easy as periodically cleaning or changing a filter or adding products that help optimize the contaminant removal process.

The Water Filtration Process Removes Everything

Most home water filtration systems are highly effective at removing sediment, biological contaminants, and heavy metals, but they aren’t capable of dealing with the minerals that cause hard water. Removing these minerals can only be accomplished via a specialized purification system that also softens the water.

Water Purification is Expensive

Water purification systems can be as simple as a single-tap filter or as complex as a whole-house filtration and softening unit. The water treatment system price range generally varies depending on the set up. Our team can help you select a system that suits your needs without putting a strain on your budget.

Tap Water is Already Clean Enough

Most homeowners don’t believe that they need additional water treatment services because the water that’s piped to their property by the local utility company has already been treated. While it’s true that the water may be safe to drink, it has often been treated with chlorine and other chemical additives that can negatively impact the taste and overall appeal.

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