Understanding Water Purification

Do you have concerns about the quality of your water? Fortunately, there are several options to consider with water purification systems in Sarasota, FL. If you’re new to water filtration or purification, Today’s Home Services invites you to take a moment to understand more about water purification.

Why Consider Water Purification Systems?

Water treatment systems are worth considering if you have issues with hard water. This is water that has an excessively high mineral content. Water filtration devices or systems can also help improve:

  • Water taste
  • Overall water quality
  • Wear-and-tear on your plumbing system

What Are the Types of Systems Available?

As mentioned above, you’ll have different options to consider as you determine which type of filtration system is right for you. There are three common options with water filtration systems:

  • Reverse osmosis systems: A pump applies pressure to force water through a semipermeable membrane with these systems. They remove contaminants by size and weight.
  • Activated Carbon systems: Treatment systems that use these filters are better for improving water taste, but they also remove an assortment of contaminants and deter bacterial growth.
  • Ion exchange systems: These are systems with filters that attract ions in water with opposing charges to remove contaminants, minerals, and impurities.

What About Maintenance and Upkeep?

Most home water filtration systems are fairly easy to maintain. With some systems, you’ll need to change the filter regularly. Others, however, will alert you when the filter or other components need attention.

Find Out More Today

If you’re ready to explore home water filtration systems, Today’s Home Services is here to help! We’ll go over your water purification options so you can benefit from a system that’s tailored to your needs, budget, and preferences.

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