How Often Should Grout Cleaning Be Done?

It’s fairly common knowledge that tiled surfaces should be cleaned on a weekly basis. But how often should you contact a trusted company like Today’s Home Services about grout cleaning in Lakewood Ranch, FL? Below, we answer this question and go over some factors to consider when determining your grout cleaning needs.

Spring and Fall Cleanings Are Common

A standard recommendation for grout and tile cleaning is once or twice a year. It is, however, fairly common to have professional cleanings done in the spring and fall. In the spring, you’re just coming off the busy winter holidays and a time when many people spend more time in indoor spaces. In the fall, a good cleaning can get your tile and grout ready for winter and holiday visitors.

Other Factors to Consider

Naturally, if you recently had new tile installation, you should be fine holding off on professional grout cleaning until later in the year. However, if your tile has been in place for a while with the same grout, it’s best to stick to the once or twice a year recommendation. This also applies to tile in areas with heavy foot traffic, like kitchens or bathrooms.

Have Tough Stains and Other Major Flaws Taken Care of ASAP

Mops, home cleaners, and some warm water and soap coupled with a toothbrush for scrubbing are among the methods you can use to maintain your tile and grout between professional cleanings. We do, however, suggest giving us a call if you’re noticing tough stains, discoloration, or other flaws that can’t be taken care of easily with DIY efforts.

Contact Our Experienced Team Today

Today’s Home Services is the company to turn to for everything tile-related, including grout replacement services. During the cleaning process, we’ll let you know if there are any issues with your grout or tile that need to be addressed.

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