Risk Factors in Your DIY Tile Cleaning

It is common for people to clean their tile all by themselves. However, a time usually comes when the DIY techniques are of greater risk to the integrity of the tiles. That is true, especially when you use the following materials in the cleaning process. Learn information about Bradenton, FL here.

Use of Colored Tile Cleaners

It would help if you stayed away from using colored cleaners for your tiles when cleaning them. Obviously, with your tile having a certain level of porosity (especially for those unglazed), it will be able to absorb the dye from your colored cleaning agent. Discover facts about Signs It is Time to Call for Professional Tile Cleaning.

Use of Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

 Bleach, muriatic acid, and other harsh chemicals should be avoided for your routine care and cleaning your tile, grout, and surface. Other than serious health hazards, spills or splashes from these chemicals can damage appliances or other fixtures in the surrounding area.

Use of Abrasive Materials

 You should avoid using metal scouring pads or steel wool when cleaning our tile floors as much as we want to eliminate harming our tile flooring and grout. They can cause staining, scratching and ultimately ruin the glossy finish of our ceramic or porcelain tiles. This includes the use of other abrasive tools and cleaning agents.